All renters must be a minimum age of 25 years with no more than one minor moving violation in the last 3 years.

All renters are required to provide their own liability, collision and comprehensive insurance policy during the rental period. This will be verified before any vehicle is released to the renter.

Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel. You may drop the vehicles off with a full or partially used tank. Fuel is charged at the local rate plus a 10% convenience fee.

All vehicles are non-smoking. A cleaning charge will be assessed to customers who smoke in the vehicle.

All vehicles use premium unleaded fuel (91 octane or higher) and there is a $350.00 charge if any vehicle is refueled with another grade of fuel.

Driving on gravel, dirt or any other unpaved surface is prohibited. Drivers are liable for damage occurring from driving on unpaved roads.

Cancellation policy:
A minimum 72 hours is required for a refund. There is a $100.00 charge on all cancellations. Within 72 hours of the time when the vehicle was reserved there is no refund.

Vehicles may be driven only in the United States of America. Any vehicle that is taken out of the country will be immediately reported to law enforcement. We reserve the right to remotely disable and retrieve any vehicle if the renter or member violates this clause.

Vehicles are not permitted on any racetrack, drag strip or road course.

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